Let's work together!

We know how to help your team succeed with cloud native software development workflows and infrastructure management. We have been partnering with organizations to make their teams more effective for decades.

When you’re ready to say goodbye to long build and deploy times, undocumented configuration practices, legacy automation tooling, manual, repetitive, error prone resource management, and direct server access let’s collaborate!

How we work

Scaleout is a unique technical consultancy.

  • We don’t believe in quick engagements where consultants work in isolation to build tooling your team doesn’t understand. Nor do we value the practice of writing ineffectual recommendation documents that nobody reads.
  • We are flexible with scheduling. We believe a successful project must be an exciting learning experience for your team. Overworked engineers can’t learn and idle consultants are a waste of resources. We will match the pace of your organization with a plan that recognizes the availability of your staff.
  • Our years of experience as full stack platform engineers, engineering managers, business unit directors, and open source contributors means we’re able to meet your team where they’re at as leaders and technical peers.

There are three ways we typically engage with an organization:

Technical partnerships

We are polyglot full stack developers with experience maintaining software using industry leading open source tooling. We have built networks from the ground up and integrated industry standard authentication and authorization flows. We want to help you ship stable code faster and maintain the uptime of critical systems when it matters most. We strive to be your trusted advisors for modern deployment workflows and deliver a developer experience that is seamless and self-service.

In principle, we believe that all team members should be able to interact with a running version of your software within fifteen minutes of a developer committing code. In practice every organization needs something different to get there. Our experience with different programming languages, architectures, and tooling puts us in a powerful position to solve your organization’s unique challenges.


  • Hourly rate $250/hr
  • Minimum of 2 days per week
  • Maximum of 3 days per week
  • Minimum engagement length of 1 quarter (16 weeks)

What we need to get started:

  • A dedicated member or members of your team to collaborate with
  • Routine communication with stakeholders to establish goals, set deadlines, etc
  • Access to relevant systems and tooling
  • Access to a unified messaging system (slack, teams, etc)
  • Access to a dedicated planning board (jira or similar)

Dedicated projects

Sometimes your team is lacking familiarity with a technology or just too busy to implement something. We can help deliver a few of those out of reach items on your team’s infrastructure automation, software delivery, and observability wish list.


  • Hourly rate $200/hr
  • 2 week minimum project length

What we need to get started:

  • Time with stakeholders to review goals, deadlines, etc
  • Access to relevant systems and tooling
  • Access to a unified messaging system (slack, teams, etc)
  • Access to a dedicated planning board (jira or similar)

Emergency support

If you have an unreliable application or service that is negatively impacting your organization, our team can partner with your developers to help resolve outages, run after action retrospectives, improve reliability, and increase observability. Too often teams have high Mean Time to Recovery because they don’t know how to tell signals from noise and spend precious time following dead end leads. We can help by drawing on years of experience supporting diverse architectures.


  • Monthly retainer $1,000
  • Hourly incident cost $250/hr

What we need to get started:

  • Some time with your team to review architecture, workflows, and code structure
  • Access to view logs, metrics, system status
  • Access to a messaging system (slack, teams, etc) with your team
  • Access to a dedicated notification channel (pager duty, opsgenie, phone call, etc)
  • Access to relevant systems and tooling

Our experience

In our twenty plus years of experience we have:

  • Led a fortune 500 organization on the complex multi-year technical and organizational journey that is migrating critical systems away from legacy on-premise installations to the cloud.

  • Transformed a higher education organization’s multi-week release cycle into a fully automated self service experience that can build and deploy self-contained copies of legacy systems in less than 20 minutes.

  • Architected, built and supported platforms running monolithic and microservice based stacks.

  • Played an integral role on both sides of the monolith vs microservices journey for numerous organizations. We’ve broken down unwieldy monoliths and recombined overly specialized microservices. We know first hand that microservices are not a magic one size fits all solution.

  • Built multiple real-time collaborative and data streaming architectures and ETL pipelines that have stood up to production level traffic for years.

  • Run trainings for organizations looking to make better use of automation technologies like terraform and kubernetes.

  • Helped migrate and refactor large terraform projects to terraform enterprise and terraform cloud.

  • Contributed to and maintained major open source projects.